Dying swans

I love Swan Lake. But if you go running in the woods and encounter a real dying swan...

that indeed is a sight to shame and silence the heavens. beauty marred because it is just incredibly sad.

I don't know if s/he will die, but s/he looked like it. dizzy from the cold, barely moving on the frozen lake and to far on the water to be helped.

there used to be three swans on the lake. i wonder how many of them will survive. The old lady and the old man I met and who seemed to watch the swans all year said that one is dead already.

it would be sad if none survived.

"A swan of white, she came to me
The lake mirrored her beauty sweet.
I kissed her neck, adored her grace
But needed nothing she could give..."




oh, and... sorry, edda. really. i thought sila would be the sufferer, but i'm afraid, you're equal... sorry...


EDIT, one day later:
How wonderful the swan was obviously not dying. At least not now. 30 minutes ago s/he was lying in the sun, seemed to be a bit more a live and less dizzy than yesterday. And got up and strolled - yes, strolled - across the ice. Let's hope s/he'll make it until spring.

7.2.12 17:11
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