To introduce or not to introduce - that's the question.

i guess this would be the 5th version of the foreword. it still kinda annoys me; sometimes i'd just like to leave it out completely. but i always saw a frame around the story, and i really don't want to explain what nightelves and dapps are IN the story... mh.

the beginning of a story is so important.
but i guess this is the version i like best until now. it's a witch's POV, which is actually more appropriate, considering that most of the story's weight jumped from vampirism to witchcraft (the word vampire, by the way, is completely missing by now. not a big loss). it lacks the undertone of sadness that was typical for the nightelf's forewords - the witch's foreword actually has the exact tone that i'd like for the introduction... and the part before the necessary explainations is merely half a page long, which is great. maybe i just have to cut down the explainations and shift the deeper part into the appendices. it's just such a long foreword, this is what annoys me... mh, mh, mh.
4.2.12 16:36
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