Hey, you! Yeah, you, right. I know, this is strange, since we haven’t talked for a while. I’m actually quite sorry about this, because each time we meet, I really enjoy it. I know, this is strange, and please don’t make it weird just because we don’t know each other very well – but I’d like to spend more time with you and get to know you better. Because I like you, simply judging from your actions. Remember when you agreed to be one half of the team leaders for the incredible musical project? Remember when you were asked if you’d join a little road trip through half the country – in two days! – and answered with a simple: “Fuck, yeah, of course!”? Or when you agreed to work as a dance captain – for money! – without thinking about it for a second, even though you had no clue how to be a dance captain or agreed to be a substitute ensemble singer even though you had never really sung in a choir before – without a second of hesitating? Remember when you came out to your grandma, refusing to be afraid of the consequences or when you decided to visit your friends after work even though you were hella tired, and how lovely these evenings were? Or last night, when you decided to drive to the Pub in the middle of the night and pair off with a woman you’ve hardly ever spoken to before for a round of billiard?

Maybe I’m attracted to you because you are so different. Totally unlike my strange hearted long term relationship whose most-uttered sentence seems to be: ‘I don’t want to commit to any fixed date right now, I have to see how I feel on that day’ these days. Or ‘I’d rather not do it, I’m kinda scared’ respectively.

Mh. I don’t even know your name. May I take a guess or two? Is it Intuition? Or Good Conscience? Or the better half of Subconscious? You don’t want to tell me? Alright, maybe it’s not important at all. What’s in a name, anyway?

I would really like to know you better. Or see you more often. Yes, I’d really like to spend more time with you. Because you’re awesome and you should get some more fresh air.

Yes, I know that I’d have to neglect my long term relationship, but you know what? If it works between you and I, than I’d be even willing to break up with her.

Ah, and don’t act as if you felt bad for her. As if you hadn’t pushed her away secretly often enough. I haven’t seen you then, but I knew it was you. Don’t you remember the week before the Edguy concert, when she was a real bitch, and you ended up locking her into the broom closet to shut her up so we could go to the concert? And that’s only one occasion.

I for my part have had enough of secret relationships for a lifetime. I’d like to do this properly: Go on a couple of dates with you, see if it works out, and then perhaps indulge in a healthy and open and non-secret relationship with you (and perhaps the other ‘her’… you know, the one that’s tipping right now).
What do you say? Wanna come over for coffee or a cup of tea, like… now? At once?

I’d really appreciate it.

Or are you more than one soul? Then don't hesitate to bring your friends, you're all more than welcome.

"Once upon a night we`ll wake to the carnival of life
The beauty of this ride ahead such an incredible high
It`s hard to light a candle, easy to curse the dark instead

This moment the dawn of humanity
The last ride of the day."

10.12.11 13:10
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chrissi (11.12.11 12:22)
I know this amazing woman's name.

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