Found treasure!

This day sucked because of its unproductiveness. The weather finished me off, I intended to write a bit more of m story, but I only edited and drew some characters from my story (all three Dapps, Mimir and Titania). Then I was in a strange mood and wanted to listen to the completely insane hamster song - but it's gone! it vanished when my hard drive broke down

BUT! On my quest for the hamsters I've found some other treasures! A complete set of ballads that I recorded in December, which I wanted to give my ex-girlfriend for Christmas but didn't finish. And among THOSE I found

a) The very very very first lil instrumental piece I have composed on my keyboard. My very first non-guitar composed thingy. And I haven't heard or played it for ages, and I still like it. Doesn't happen too often.
b) the demos of "Lake of swans" and "Imalia", of which I was more than convinced that they were lost. It would have been a shame if "Lake of swan" had been lost, it's such an evil funny little thing. And especially about "Imalia" I'm sooo so happy, because that's so personal and still so very true AND it's actually the only song of mine that I didn't need to record more than once to have an acceptable "demo" (well, not a demo. just some acapella crap, something with recognizable melody and lyrics, all acapella).
c) a piano version of "What I've been looking for", which was a gift to my ex fot ourfirst anniversary when the world was still ok. I've forgotten I've ever played this thing on anything else but on guitar!
d) Ha! My hook for "Insomnia", a song that has expanded over the last twelve months due to... uh... well, REAL insomnia. My extra stanza about meds is gone, though. But the hook is still alive. That's eerie!
e) whee! whee" whee! The Belrohil Theme!! Whee! Which is actually a slightly changed insturumental of "Nelya's Song", but whee! Nelya's song is connected to the First Change of my vampires, so... whee! It's still there!
and, most important: f) My very first recording of - tada -  "Funeral Party", which is still my all time favourite of self-written crap! the 3-voice-and-growl- one, and a couple of keyboard strings and drums i have forgotten i ever even made. 

Blackened veils cover darkend faces
Streams of tears fall onto mourning laces
Priests rant about praying for god’s mercy

While the passed spirit probably but rolls his eyes

 Spare me this farce on the day I’ll be buried
Do me a favour and dance

When I’m dead I want you to sing and dance upon my grave
When I’m dead I want you to celebrate the past
When I’m dead I want you to wear the colours of the rainbow
When I’m dead – When I’m dead

If you have to cry, then do so i fit helps you
Tears only show that you know what you’ve lost
But I don’t want a priest to pray for my soul
When I don’t care about getting to heaven

Spare me this farce on the day I’ll be buried
Do me a favour and be your freakish lovely selves

When I'm dead...

You know I love black but it has long lost ist meaning
Farewell me and come just however you like
Call out mourn anarchy, sing rock songs instead of spirituals Make my  funeral the party my life has never been

When I’m dead…

(or, as it likes to dress up and goes to a party in a different language:
"Bin ich tot, ja dann singe, sing und tanz auf meinem Grab
Bin ich tot, dann erinnre dich und feire das, was war
Bin ich tot, sag Lebewohl in Regenbogenfarben
bin ich tooooot...."


It just made my day that these vocals aren't lost, and especially the Funeral Party song, which has found its way into my sotry, which I wanted to continue today. Ha! There we go! Everything is connected!


Jack Sparrow's darn right: Not every treasure is gold.

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