I'm not ashamed, oh no, oh willow...

It's kind of weird and a little sad that these most life-changing, destructive and painful relationships that I lead, I lead with my mother, with my beloved lady and with myself.

The first one has good times and those really bad at times. Lucky me that the last good phase is lasting quite long these days. It's a cycle.

The latter is just like the one that everybody else has. At least I pray it's normal and not worse than it should be.

The second, though... I keep on wondering why I let someone hurt me that much. Just as I keep in wondering why she doesn't get that she hurts me, since this topic is there for a year now. Maybe I should just resign myself to being an affair. And "a friend".

Isn't it ironic that her sister and I kind of have the same trouble? Damn those partners incapable of commitment...

Or maby it's just masochism.

28.5.10 14:50
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